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VOICE - Veterans Options for Independence Choice and Empowerment


VOICE is a Veterans Directed Home and Community Based Services (VD-HCBS) program that enables eligible Veterans to choose and direct their own care, in their homes. VOICE supports Veterans to have greater access, choice and control over their long term care services.

Veterans are assessed by their VA provider to determine what their physical needs are and based on the assessment are given a budget for services. The Veteran and family or representative are then responsible to decide how the budget will be used.

The VD-HBCS program has four primary purposes.

  • Veterans who need assistance and support in daily living to remain at home.
  • Provide Veterans with the opportunity to direct his or her own care.
  • Improve quality of life by maximizing the Veteran’s physical, cognitive and psychological functioning.
  • Provide support and respite for the family and other primary caregivers.

See a great example of the VOICE program at work here in this article Program helps veterans maintain quality of life at home

ILC Contacts

Joyanna Geisler in the Homer ILC office; 907-235-7911

Lori Engler in the Soldotna office; 907-262-6342

Alaska VA Long Term Care Program contacts

Eileen Heaston, LCSW Long Term Care Coordinator; 907-257-4863

Nicki Addonisio, LCSW Long Term Care Social Worker; 907-257-3728, FAX 907-257-4718


  • All Veterans must be enrolled in VA healthcare
  • Have a primary care provider authorized to provide VA healthcare
  • Must meet the VA’s nursing facility level of care
  • Interested and able to self-direct their own care

Multitude of Services

Veterans receiving VD-HCBS can decide what mix of home and community based services will best meet their needs including;

  • Personal care services using workers hired by the Veteran
  • Housing modifications, bathroom and other safety equipment
  • Light housework and other chores
  • Respite for family members

Help And Support

  • An Options Counselor from the ILC will work with the Veteran in identifying care needs and assist in developing a spending plan for needed services.
  • A financial management service, ARIS Solutions will assist with paperwork and paying workers the Veteran hires.
  • A representative (family or friend) can be appointed to assist with making decisions.
  • Help is always available to assist Veterans and their families with the program.
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