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The Independent Living Center has supported transportation programs operating from each office location. ILC partners with the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority and local funders to provide affordable and accessible transportation options. Eligible riders are those with disabilities who have a barrier to transportation and Alaskans aged 60 years and older. Eligible riders purchase vouchers from their local ILC office and redeem them for rides with participating cab companies. Riders use their vouchers to go to work, to doctors’ visits and other appointments, for shopping, recreation or wherever they choose to go in their community. Call your local ILC office to find out more about the program.

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Title VI Non Discrimination Policy

Independent Living Center, Inc. (ILC) operates its programs and service without regard to race. color, or national origin in accordance with Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  Any person who believes that she or he has been aggrieved by any unlawful discriminatory practice under Title VI may file a complaint with our agency.

Any such complaint must be in writing and filed with this agency within 180 days following the date if the alleged discriminatory occurrence.  For information about our nondiscrimination obligations or how to file a complaint, please contact ILC by any of the methods listed below.

Independent Living Center, Inc. (ILC)        Email
P.O. Box 2474                                            If this information is needed in another language, please contact us.
Homer, AK  99603                                      
907-235-7911                                             ILC Title VI Complaint Form.docx
Fax 907-235-6236

Central Peninsula

The Central taxi voucher program is available to consumers who are 60 years of age or are disabled.  Ten (10) vouchers are the maximum amount that can be purchased per calendar month.  Each voucher is worth $12.00 of cab fare.  Once you go over this $12.00 cab fare value, the you, the consumer, will be responsible for paying the remaining fare to the cab driver.

One Voucher per ride, per destination.  For example, from your home to Safeway would be one trip and would cost one voucher.  From your home to Safeway, and from Safeway to your home, would be two trips and would cost two vouchers.

You cannot link vouchers together for trips over the $12.00 value cab fare.  For example, if your fare is $24.00, you must pay the difference of $12.00 instead of using another voucher.

These vouchers will expire on June 30, 2018.

Please note there are NO cash refunds with the taxi vouchers.  The sale is final.

The program being used is for your use ONLY; you cannot duplicate, sell or give vouchers to someone else.  If you do you will lose the right to use the program.

Vouchers are $4.00 per voucher.


DOT Taxi voucher program: This is funded by a grant provided by the Alaska Department of Transportation. We also call this program the Local/ Far Out program because it offers vouchers intended for Homer area residents and vouchers for those residing outside Homer City Limits. (for seniors and people with disabilities)

This program serves individuals experiencing disabilities and senior citizens. An intake with ILC staff is required to access this program. If you are interested please contact Dana Roberts in the Homer ILC office at 907-235-7911.

Local Taxi Vouchers are available for qualifying Homer area residents. They are currently available for $3.00 each and the maximum purchase is 10 / month. These vouchers are good for a 4.5 mile taxi fare within Homer City Limits.

Far Out Taxi Vouchers are available for qualifying residents residing outside of Homer for $8.oo each with a maximum limit of 5/ month. These vouchers are good for up to a 14 mile trip.

The ILC DOT program is partnered with Kostas, Ryder and Kache Cab taxi companies in Homer.


The Seward Taxi program is currently suspended.  ILC hopes to reestablish this program although we do not know when this will occur.  Please check back with us as we will update this page when information is available.
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